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Caring For Your Jewellery

Our jewellery is available in:

  • Solid sterling silver (925)
  • Gold plated on sterling silver (925)
  • Rose gold plated on sterling silver (925)
  • Leather
  • Rubber


To ensure that your beautiful jewels last for as long as possible, we highly recommend you follow the below care instructions. 


We recommend removing your jewellery when you shower and swim (chlorinated or sea water) as moisture will damage your plating. Avoid spraying perfume and applying creams directly on your jewellery. This will ensure that your plating lasts for as long as possible. We also recommend removing your jewellery while exercising. While strong, our jewellery is still fine and delicate and will break if pulled during vigorous activities. 


Sterling silver and gold plated pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or ideally a jewellery cleansing solution. Gold and rose gold plated pieces should be cleaned very gently with a dry soft polishing cloth. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels. Please note that with all plated jewellery over time the top metal will wear away. Therefore, plated pieces may need to be re-plated every few years.


When leather jewellery is exposed to rain or water it loses its charm. Hence it is better to avoid wearing leather jewellery when the weather conditions are not good. Also any contact with water is bad for your leather jewellery. While handling the leather jewellery, our hands must be clean as well as dry.

Pat down the leather with a damp cloth. Avoid using a wet cloth or immersing the leather in water. Put a small dab of mild, moisturising hand soap or leather cleaner on the cloth on both sides. Rinse and dampen the cloth with clean water and wipe the leather clean & dry.


When not being worn always store your jewellery in a safe, dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.